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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Foxtrot - House of subculture , Kormangala | Restaurant Review

Whimsical  & Whakhy
 A unique space treated like an Artistic collage
The energy is Contagious .
The concept by itself is so unique
And to top it all the food is top notch .
Hands down This has been  the best launch of 2018 in Blore ,

Must try :

Large Plates : Seafood Risotto , Herb Roast chicken
Small Plates  : Tandoori Malai Broccoli ,Curry leaf prawn , pork belly , 3 cheese fries , Mustard Basil Fish tikka
Desserts : Cardamom & Coconut flavoured  baked yoghurt ,Berry cheesecake
Drinks : Majestic Sour Taste wise , Look wise Levitate 

Ambience / Décor :
True to the name , it is literally a space for subcultures .
There are varied zones .
Ground floor: As soon as you enter you will feel like you are in  a stylish foyer of a bungalow which is the reception .
There  is a outdoor seating & louge area under a few large trees attached with a  indoor dance floor and bar section on this floor

First Floor : Has a dining space , it literally looks like a dining room of a lavish house
Then there is Balcony space , a Red room – Adults only kinda décor ,  open kitchen area which looks like nice vintage kitchen in a home .

Second & Terrace  : Houses Mimansa story , suddenly you are transported into a different space .              
Mimansa is part of Foxtrott Group and the link to a separate review is mentioned below .

Food :
The menu is a global mix .
There is melange of indian dishes with global ingredients and vice versa and great variety for veg as well as non veg .
Same goes for cocktails , some real good and colorfull blends 
Rest assured , You will be spoilt for choices .

Our Order :
1.        Lime Aid (green)
2.        Orange is the new black
3.        Tornado – intrica glass
4.        Majestic Sour
5.        Levitate

Small Plates

Overall verdict : Apart from being a Restaurant with mouth-watering food .
This is a place you might find all kinds of people enjoying in their kinda space  .

You may find families  brunching , to friends dancing away , may be musicians jamming any time of the day or artists consumed at work in their little corner or even people attending yogo sessions at Mimansa on the terrace .
This is meant to be a space for people to discover and may even become part of various subcultures .
A place that will keep you engaged .
Go there discover yourself ,appreciate the diverse and fine things 
Or just for good food . As its said food is common ground , a universal experience .

Foxtrot - House of Subculture Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Drink Drank Drunk - Drunkling Sizzlers & Pub | Restaurant Review

Nothing Brings people together like good food .

Specially so when its for drinks and comfort food like sizzlers in this cozy weather in BLR .

Drunkling has opened doors recently where Yana Sizzlers used to be before
 in Koramangala 5th block .
A year back We were a regular ,at  Y
ana sizzlers .
Now the management  has changed and decor has been revamped but almost the same staff
So you know where to head for your sizzler cravings !

Ambiance :

Spread over 4 floors , first two floors is a  casual dining serving sizzlers and the 2nd floor being a intimate pub space and the last is a dance floor.
Higher you go , the higher you get ;-)!
The Décor is uncomplicated . Reminds me of the old Blore pubs , slightly influenced by English pubs unlike the lounge bars or bar cafes you find trending nowadays

Food :

Bar  Bites:

Red wine Sangria

Pop Corn Aglio Olio 
Red wine Sangria - Few sips down and  it grows on you. 
It went so well with Popcorn Aglio olio .
Popcorn made with olive oil and very well coated with a Masala made out of chilli , garlic & some herbs . Loved it .
Virgin Mojito

Chicken Kheema Bruschetta
Virgin Mojito An all time favorite .
Ordered Chicken Kheema Bruschetta to go with it.

Fruit Punch 

Draught Beer
we also had fruit punch & Draught Beers , Fruit punch was well made and refreshing .


At a sizzler place I usually prefer to dig into the sizzler straight away , but since this is a new place wanted to give different dishes on the menu a try .
So glad  we did !

Lassoni Chicken Tikka 

Paneer Sholay
Lassoni Chicken Tikka and Paneer Sholay was succulent & delicious .Recommended  in the starters  section.

Hussaini Gobi

Achari Pineapple
Some of the vegetarians in the group also ordered Achari Pineapple and Hussaini Gobi

Pizza & Burgers :

Pepparoni Pizza 

Open Lamb Burger 
We tried the Pepparoni  pizza , slightly sweet Barbeque sauce pizza but it was delicious and also tried open lamb burger 

Sizzlers :

There was a time , every week we would end up going out for sizzlers .
Its our go to comfort food when there in a Nip in Bangalore air

I ordered Drunkling Special chicken sizzler with Noodles .
A generous portion with a good mix of veggies , noddles , chicken and Mash

Was too full to try more , but check out some of the  pictures.

Desserts :

Caramel Custard

Brownie & Icecream

We had the caramel custard & Brownie with vanilla icecream .
This dessert on sizzler would have been even better nevertheless a good one   .

Eating caramel custard after a long time was very satisfying and a nice end to the meal  . This is a good old favourite from old times .

Overall :
Like the saying Drink Drank Drunk , in no time we were a bunch of Drunklings having a good time .
You should head there soon with your brunch and let out the inner drunkling for a sizzling experience .

Till the Next time

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Drunkling - Sizzlers and Pub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Rig is in town | Restaurant Review

Good Food  + Food Drinks + Good Friends = Good Times

At The Rig Good Times are guaranteed

Rig can be a bit of everything !
A party place on the weekends
A place to find a quiet corner somewhere amongst all the different spaces with your partner for lunch
A place to relish some amazing cocktails and bar bites with your gang .

Lucky you sarjapur folks , you have another happening massive place to Hangout !
But we are ready to put that extra effort to drive down as well !

So Bloreans , be hold – The Rig is in town .

Detailed Review: 

Ambience / Décor :  

This space is unique and interesting with 4 split levels of seating.
The décor is slightly  rustic  at the same time has  bit of Victorian classic elements like the vintage style doors & windows panels on an accent wall l   and the light posts in the outdoor seating area . 
It also has a sense of grandeur to it, like the large entry way and the main  door and almost a t triple  height central space .

I was blown away by the massiveness of the place . I think evening time the space might look really lively and buzzing  .

Drinks :

We were there on the first week of operation and were pleasantly surprised how well made the  drinks and food was .
Special mention to the cocktails . Really well made . Adding it to the Top five places for cocktails we have ever tried in Bangalore .

Big Boy Basil :
This was close to perfection . Just the way I like my cocktails.
Quirky and beautiful presentation
A  citrusy & sweet cocktail .
It’s a Rasberry and basil flavoured with Vodka blend

Lullby :
Another great cocktail .
A blend of pineapple , honey , whiskey and the golden touch of saffron !
Big shoutout to the Mixologist for coming up with such a nice range  !

Wake me up:
The Lemon Garnish took my heart away .
Simple yet beautiful just like the cocktail
A Mix of vanilla , Lime and white wine

Mimosa &Wine Based Cocktails

Shots :


Some of the good looking Cocktails

Coffee Based Cocktails
Food :

Very good range of bar bites .
My favourites :

Ranch Mac & Cheese Balls 

Ranch Mac & Cheese Balls :
I could eat a plate full and still not be satisfied . Just my kinda starter . Cheesy & crispy .
This was a popular starter on the table

Brandy Chicken Tikka

Brandy Chicken Tikka :

Most places I have tried flambe dishes , post flaming the dish with alcohol the dish turns soggy or excess alcohol gets infused making the dish a bit bitter.
But here they managed to get  this bang on !
The chicken was soft , juicy and the slight hint of brandy with the smokiness of the Tikka masala  made it a good dish  and a must try when here


Chicken Sausage Pizza

Pepparoni Pizza

They  work so well with beer .
At rig they have managed to come up with good pizzas . They have a mild  desi – ness to them which works well with the drinks

Some of the starters we loved 

Some of the Main Course dishes

Desserts :

We tried 2 of the desserts . Both left me wanting for more .

Zauk e Shahi
Interesting innovation by the chef .
Gulab jamoon dunked in chocolate forming a  thin crust dipped inside a rich kesar rabri and accompanied by shahi tukda .
A must try when you are here

Torta de tres leches

It’s a popular Mexican desert , but I had not tried it anywhere else before in blore . I realy enjoyed this one .
Sponge Cake dunked in flavoured sweet  milk . Really makes the cake moist  and cuts down the sweetness from the cream on the cake .

We are sure the lovely range of cocktails and food has got you drooling .
Drop by and let us know your experience .

Stay Tuned for more


THE RIG Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Got Table App - Restaurant near you

As bloggers and more so as foodies Exploring Different cuisines and Restaurants is something we do often .
We came across this newly launched app called Got Table . 
Its a Geo Location deal finder and reservations App.
Almost All Bloreans , due to the Lack of nice public Spaces hit the restaurants over the weekends to unwind or catchup with frenz . But waiting for a table gets quite annoying . Almost all good restaurants are jam packed .
For that and to get some good deals based on the location you are in , Got Table app can come handy .

So we thought we should explore the app and tell you more about it .

About Got Table :

The App is available on both Android & Apple .
Apart from reserving table and ordering food ,  you have good offers and deals to choose from .
Based on the location that you are  in , the app will find deals for you to choose from in real time.
How convenient is that and who doesn’t like saving a  buck or two anyway right ? 

Highlights of the App: 

⏺Geo location deal finder, GPS enabled feature pulls the restaurants closer to
their device location. Whether the diners are from the same city or new ones
in the city, gives high visibility for the restaurants on Got Table. On the deal
finder, diners will get to see not just all the restaurants of their liking but the
offers that gets their attention on our App. The other highlight is about the
diners accessing dynamic menu that restaurants posts real time for Take away
and Delivery.
⏺Diners will receive loyalty rewards, additional incentives, prizes and invite to
the events etc. This Got Table has planned to keep the diners engaged and
happy would benefit Restaurants signed up with us

Simple Steps to Make your reservation : 

1. As soon as you open your app
Choose either Dine in , Delivery or take away 

2. I choose dine in , so the restaurant options follows like seen below

3.  choose the restaurants of your choice .
There is separate section for offers , how convenient right !

4. Make your reservation , Got table ? 

5. Signup and Enter your details .

6. Enjoy your meal !

Our First Impressions:

▶Easy to use Interface
▶Good deals and offers and easy to find then 
▶Doesn’t take much space on the phone

Link to Website :

Link to download on Android :

Link to download on I Tunes: